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Product of the Month: 101 Conversation Starters

Think about the time when you suddenly said something witty and everyone laughed.

How did it feel?

You can do it again and again...

"How to Start a Conversation, Anytime, Anyplace... Without Breaking  a Sweat!"

    Your days of standing alone and hiding from strangers because you're tongue-tied and don't know what to say, is finally over.

Whoever Said "Talking To Strangers Is Like Going To The Dentist" Obviously Never Heard About This Book...

    Now you can jump into any conversation like a snap, and without being embarrassed or being afraid of sounding foolish! This works equally well for strangers and people you know well.

       Maybe you are like me who find it very difficult to start a conversation with someone I don't know very well.  It even became a joke among my friends to listen how I put my foot in it every time by blurting out something like "... is such a damn fool, I don't know how he ever came to be in Congress!", just to find out that the person I was speaking to is his campaign manager, or his cousin, or something.  And maybe you also know that the ground doesn't open up to swallow you at such times.  It's embarrassing to be surrounded by people talking, and laughing, and having a good time while you're all alone feeling conspicuous.

You'll Never Again Go Through The pain Of Not Knowing What To Say!

    Yes, that's right.  You never have to feel like that again.  You're going to get everything you need to change things around!

    Why do I say that?  Listen to this...    

    It became so bad that I didn't even want to go out if there was a chance I could land up in a place where I could become involved in having to talk to strangers. I couldn't even begin to talk to somebody I don't know very well when some of my friends were present, because I was afraid of them teasing me afterwards.   

    What I needed was some good conversation starters!  I stumbled on to the solution. Armed with this, I set out to what I knew was going to be a boring cocktail party.

   Knowing what would happen, a few of my so-called friends manipulated me into a tough spot where it seemed to be "do-or-die". I had to talk or seem completely stupid.  The person I had to talk to was well known for always moaning about the bad things that happened in the past, or about the bad things that was bound to happen in the future. 

    My "friends" waited.....

    I listened trying to find a way out.  Suddenly I remembered my solution.  The first chance I got I quipped in with one of my worked out conversation starters. My friends couldn't hear what I was saying, however, they started giggling already.  To their surprise this guy burst out laughing and said in a booming voice "You're so right! I always wanted to......", and started to relate something he always wanted to do.  The ice was broken and we had an interesting discussion which lasted until the end of the party.

You Can Finally Become A Super Talker... With Hardly Any Effort At All!

    Once you experience the freedom these 101 Conversation Starters bring, your life will never be the same!


"As a writer I'm always looking for new material to use in my books.  Either as quotes or as an instigator of that 'spark' to jump-start my writing.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book and even in the introduction I learned a valuable lesson about life I regularly use as a conversation starter."


- Adrian Christopher.

Author of the youth novel "Coda",  and a number of Science Fiction stories.

    With "101 Super Conversations Starters" you can experience just that! With categorized, and illustrated examples that's easy to remember and to use, you'll talk free and easy and stump everybody just like I did.

Here's just a fraction of what you'll experience:

  •     You'll have some of the the best conversation  you'll always be one step ahead of the pack!

  •     You'll never be without something interesting to  say you'll become an interesting conversationalist with people wanting to talk to you!

  •     You'll get the attention of people at a party...never be alone again at parties!

  •     You'll get rid of your boring old jokes and grab peoples’ interests in a new way...people will find you entertaining and creative.

Five reasons why you'll be eternally thankful you're taking action just now:

  1. Are you getting tired of the same old lines? You'll be able to find something interesting in any situation and come up with a unique truth at will. 

  2. You'll spout famous quotes like a better talking fountain.

  3. You'll never again wonder what to give to the person who has everything.

  4. You'll look at life differently after reading this book.

  5. Sometimes happy, sometimes serious, sometimes hilarious, but always the honest to goodness truth.  Have those at your fingertips to impress, humor, and console.



"For the first time in my life I wasn't afraid to talk at parties.  I started out reading this book just for fun and really enjoyed it.  The I thought 'what the heck!' and tried it as conversation starters.  The results amazed me.  The illustrations accompanying the quotes are really well thought out and give even more pleasure.  Even the subtitle "Ain't That The Truth" is true.  I will definitely give it away as a present to some of my friends.  At the low price offered it's well worth it."


Rina Van As.

Bloemfontein, South Africa  


The system was devised by a lecturer in Information and Communication Technology.  It is called the “quick pic” system and is wonderful to help you start conversations. The system uses quotes by famous as well as ordinary people. They are true to life and has been categorized and illustrated for easier remembering. It makes great reading and great conversation starters.

After extensive research into the matter it was found that quotes can definitely help to get a conversation going. It even helps to kick some life into an already going, but stagnating conversation, or to change the flow if it gets too close to confrontation, or a sensitive issue.

It really works!

While researching the subject it was found that to help you remember the quote better, it is best to categorize it, and even easier to remember when it’s illustrated. That leaded to the creation of this book. This book is a pastiche of pieces from books, witty quotes and curious illustrations, and leans toward the funny. All quotes are short enough to remember easily. Even if you’re a fluent speaker this book is great fun to read you can still use the great conversation starters.

    I'll Bet By Now You're Worrying About The Price

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